SYSLAB.COM Talks at the Plone Conference 2016 in Boston

Exciting keynotes, demos and talks are the very heart of the Plone Conference. SYSLAB.COM will also talk at the Conference in Boston and present our latest software developments and projects.

This year talks and demos centered around the digital experience age are of particular interest. One key topic of the conference will be to explore the evolution of Plone and the Python Web ecosystem that it is a part of. A variety of Python technologies will thereby be covered in addition to Plone.

Quaive – The Plone Intranet (Guido Stevens)

Guido Stevens will among other do a demo on the latest developments within Quaive – the Plone Intranet. He also talks about filter bubbles, riffing between knowledge management theory, agile methodologies, the cold war and more.

Plone.patternslib  (Wolfgang Thomas)

Wolfgang Thomas from SYSLAB.COM will give a talk about how to add richer enteraction to a website with plone.patternslib. The talk will focus on how to use various Patterns in a stock Plone 5 site, based on real-world examples, such as:

  • automatically submitting a form on user input
  • using selection fields with auto-suggestion
  • showing / hiding parts of a form depending on previous input
  • updating only parts of your page with injection

Parallel to that, we’ll take a look at the Patternslib documentation for the Patterns we use, so that we can see what options are available to us. And as an outlook for inspiration, we’ll check some advanced combinations of Patterns used in Quaive (aka Plone Intranet).

Plones future (Eric Steele)

Plone´s esteemed release manager Eric Steele will be talking about the current Plone developments like Rest API and the new approach to tiled layouts, enabling easy support to digital experiences.

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SYSLAB.COM Supporting Sponsor at the Plone Conference 2016

The fifteenth annual Plone Conference takes place in Boston, USA from 19th to 23th of October. SYSLAB.COM will participate in the conference and act as supporting sponsor.  

The Plone Conference marks the annual gathering of the Plone Community. It is organised and presented by the community and supported by the Plone Foundation. With nearly up to 250 attendees the conference attracts a large and versatile group of people; everything from editors and managers to core developers, system administrators and decisions makers from all over the world.

SYSLAB.COM has been a steady and frequent participant and supporter of the Plone Conference and thus regard it as one of the most important returning events within the Plone community. As we have done at previous conferences, we will again this year contribute as Supporting Sponsor.

The conference is hosted by Microsoft at their New England Research and Development Center – AKA the NERD Center. Main conference topics will be the exploration of Plone and the Python Web ecosystem and their evolution with suitable training classes and talks. Training sessions will take place on october 17-18, prior to the main conference talks on October 19-21. On October 22-23 the conference continues with sprints, which rounding up with a conference party on friday, October 21th.

See full schedule:

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New and bigger version of Plone Intranet Quaive

The Plone Intranet Consortium is bringing out a new and bigger version of the Plone Intranet Quaive with codename: Gaia. It has many exciting new technical features with a high level of detail polishing.

This among other facilitates flexible team connection, wherever you are, so that you can do your job faster no matter, what device you’re working on. In a society, where internal collaboration is still becoming a larger and larger challenge, having an allover functional team information exchange is of crucial importance to business success.

Communication on every team level
Quiave Gaia enables you to spark conversation with content activity streams. This means that you will receive automatic updates, whenever new documents are published. You can have conversations directly on the document it’s about, and move seamlessly between conversations at the document, team and organization-wide level. 

Basic control with tags, filters, audit apps and moderator tools
Using the tags, filters, audit apps and moderator tools of the new version, you stay in control of your information flow. You can follow topic tags and people and create activity streams, which is filtered and optimized to fit your needs. If you are situated on manager level, you will also find the new security audit app, case management report app and stream moderation control features useful.

Venus community upgrade
Together with the release of Quaive Gaia enterprise edition, you also get an upgrade to Ploneintranet Venus community edition for free. This point release fixes some bugs, and adds a user import feature.

You can find more information about Quaive Gaia and frequent updates on Twitter, on our blog and on Facebook.

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Designing social intranets for cultural change

Guido Stevens participated with a presentation at the Danish IntraTeam Event 2016 for High Performing Intranets, Enterprise Social Networks and Digital Workplaces, which took place from March 1-3 in Copenhagen.

The conference focus was on the intranet, knowledge sharing, internal social media, internal communication and how you can help your co-workers to be more efficient. Guido Stevens talked about how intranet design can enable organisational change based on the Cubrix Framework Model´s four-type classification of organisational cultures and development. As an example Stevens uses the Ikath Intranet of the Swiss Catholic Church in the Canton of Zürich.

The Slides for the presentation can be viewed here

More Information about Guido Stevens presentation and the IntraTeam Event 2016:

Plone Conference in Boston 2016

The location for next year’s Plone Conference is already set. It will be Boston. The Conference takes place from October 17-23 with a 15th round celebration of Plone.

The focus of the conference will lie on the following main subjects:

  • Plone´s inclusivity, community and collaboration
  • Plone’s power, flexibility, and usability and
  • Increasing the  participation of new users

There will be a training, proceeding the actual conference from October 17-18. The conference will run from October 19-21 with a part of it being scheduled as open space discussions. On October 22-23 there will be the traditional Plone Sprints, where people do collaborative work on a broad variety of topics.

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SYSLAB.COM Talks with slides from the Plone Conference 2015!

plone_conference_2015SYSLAB.COM was strongly represented with exciting talks about new developmental results and projects at this year´s Plone Conference in Bucharest Romania.

CEO Alexander Pilz and core developer JC Brand from SYSLAB.COM among other talked about the latest on patternslib and mock-up as well as case management with the Plone Intranet. Beneath you will find an excerpt and small description of all the relevant presentations from the last two conference days.

  • Talk 1: Patternslib and Mockup; breaking up and getting back together again: In this talk JC Brand discusses the background and nature of the split between Patternslib and Mockup. Mockup is the Plone Implementation of patternslib and the Patternslib project makes it possible to add Javascript functionality to a webpage by only writing HTML and CSS. The two projects were unable to share code or expertise. JC Brand thus has tried to merge Patternslib and Mockup to make them compatible again. See the slides to JC Brand´s full talk.
  • Talk 2: The state of Plone Intranet: Guido Stevens gives a non-technical, business perspective overview of Plone Intranet. In his talk he will introduce the Plone Intranet Consortium and provide a comprehensive tour of the 1.0 release “Venus” – Agile methodologies in action – Roadmap and vision. See the slides to Guido Stevens´ full talk.
  • Talk 3: Case Management with Plone Intranet: Alexander Pilz gives a presentation on case management using the Plone Intranet. How do you combine structured and unstructured workflow to control your business with the Plone Intranet? That is only one of the many questions that Alexander Pilz will give an answer to, introducing the very first customer Plone Intranet Project as an example. See the slides to Alexander Pilz´ full talk.
  • Talk 4: Patterns: Design-driven web-development through rich interactive prototypesIn his second talk JC Brand explains, how a developer can use Patternslib to write code, making it possible for non-JS people to use and benefit from the features and functionality that Javascript can add to a website, without knowing anything about Javascript. See the slides to JC Brand´s full talk.
  • Talk 5: Plone Intranet under the hood: Guido Stevens centers his second talk around the technical aspects of the Plone Intranet. It is a highly technical talk, intended to help understand how the Plone Intranet stack is structured, and why it works the way it does. It opens with a mini-tutorial on code-free frontend interaction design with Patternslib/Mockup and the awesome powers of pat-inject in action.The talk will also give insight into some innovative components for the re-use in new Plone 5 projects, such as personalised data structures, theme switching, async, and context-specific browser layers. See the slides to Guido Stevens´ full talk.
  • Talk 6: A flexible user profile and authentication system for Plone Intranet: Matthew Sital-Singh talks about how Prototype-driven design, PAS, dexterity, z3c.form and LDAP has been combined to develop out-of-the-box user profiles for Plone Intranet, which provide the following: * Authentication * Customisable profile fields * Support for external user data sources (e.g. AD/LDAP). See the slides to Matthew Sital-Singh´s full talk.

Further Information about the Plone Conference talks:

SYSLAB.COM talks at the Plone Conference 2015

The Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest is about to start and everybody are excited and preparing for a roller coaster ride of fascinating talks about development, integrators, case studies, trainings, community and much more.

SYSLAB.COM will also talk at the conference. There will be 6 talks from our people, mainly about the Plone Intranet. CEO of SYSLAB.COM Alexander Pilz and core developer JC Brand will among other give some exciting presentations on Patternslib, Mockup and Case Management with Plone Intranet. 

41 talks including development are scheduled to take place over two days. The third day will function as an “Open Space”, where sessions can be proposed by attendees in an informal way. For the full talk schedule please see the link below:

Plone Release Manager Eric Steele will present the keynote about the newly release of Plone 5 with guest keynote speaker Max Nakane from Japan. The conference is organised by Eau de Web.

More information:


Plone 5 is out!

Having all details in place, Plone 5 is now out there and ready for download. So take the opportunity and try out some of the many new and improved features of the software.

Being one of the most stabil CMS in the Open Source market Plone has set a high standard from the beginning and continues to do so with the release of Plone 5. It started back in 2000 and has since then developed into a first league Python-based CMS, which is actively supported worldwide by a passionate community dedicated to bringing the software forward on the basis of high quality.
Excellent security track record, sophisticated workflows and interprise integration are just a few of the qualities that makes it applicable for all types of companies, local organisations as well as global corporations. Plone is owned by the not-for-profit organisation Plone Foundation and licensed under GPLv2.

To learn more about all the incredible new features of Plone 5 see:

To download Plone 5 go to:

Welcome to the new website in version 2!

Patternslib, the free toolkit that aims to bring web design and development together, has been updated and is now available in version 2 on the new website.

SYSLAB.COM has done a major rework of the code and the structure of patternslib. Furthermore a fresh up of the design and an update, validation and improvement of the documentation was executed.

As a result the new website can now be released, which is an important step in the imminent release of Plone 5. Plone 5 ships with a new theme, Barceloneta, which makes intense use of the patternslib concept. If you are looking for ways to extend your theme, look at the new website!


Adding the final touch to Plone 5

The release of Plone 5 will have a slight delay, while doing the last refinements on the software.

Plone 5 represents a great milestone in the software´s 15 year´s of history, making it even even more important to make sure that it looks it best, before releasing it. Instead of the planned launch today, Plone 5 will therefore have it´s debut later this month, so that the final touch can be added.

Meanwhile you have the opportunity to participate in the Plone Munich Sprint starting tonight. More information on the sprint and how you can help is available below:

Here you can try out the latest Release Candidate.

More information: